The following media articles have been published about the event:

“Audio tours app wins SeaChange StartUp Camp” in StartupSmart

“A smartphone app offering audio tours for sightseers has been crowned the winner of this year’s SeaChange StartUp Camp in Merimbula, while one of the runners-up formed their idea on the Entrepreneurs SeaChange Bus.” more at:

“Entrepreneurs SeaChange Startup Camp”  in Shoestring

“Over the weekend the Seachange Startup Camp was held down in Merimbula, it is one of the only startup style camps to be held out of a metro area in Australia [well for the moment].”  More at:

“Seachange Startup Camp – LIVE VIDEO ” in Bay Post

“Selected parts of the Seachange Startup Camp Merimbula 2013 will be streamed live from the Pambula Surf Club venue this Friday and Saturday as Fairfax Regional Media joins forces with IntoIT Sapphire Coast to bring live coverage of local events.”  more at

“StartUp Bus Merrimbula via Canberra” in ANU Innovation

“The SeaChange StartUp Camp Merimbula (SSUCM2) is running Australia’s first ever StartUp Bus. SSUCM2 is a two day event running on Fri/Sat 15th and 16th of March 2013.” more at:

Media Contact

Liam O’Duibhir

Co-founder of Sapphire Coast Startup Camp, Merimbula


P: 0417 579 079


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