Jane Cay, CEO and Founder of Birdsnest presentation to the Startup Camp

Jane Cay is the founder and CEO of Birdsnest, an online fashion business which she grew from a main street shop front, to an international e-commerce business employing over 80 staff, from a base of operations in Cooma, an hour and a half south of Canberra

Jane described herself as a country girl, who sells frocks for a living.  Not knowing how to use a computer before going to University, she had realisation that the Internet would change the way that business will operate forever.   At this point, Jane still didn’t know what she was going to do, but knew that it would have an “e” in it.

Jane has worked as an e-Business consultant with IBM before falling in love with a farmer, and returning to the country, and eventually starting Birdsnest.

Jane’s belief is that technology is still only a tool, and the all the basics of Business 101 still apply.  Her business mission states:

“We believe that the way you look can change your life and we want to bring our fabulous range of fashion labels, styling and advice to as many women as possible.”

Jane’s presentation was inspiring in that such an exiting and dynamic business can begin and thrive in a regional area.  For more information about Birdsnest, check out their website and the photos from the tour the Startup Camp Bus team had on Friday.


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