Tour of Birdsnest in Cooma

The bus team have just completed a great tour of Birdsnest, an enormously successful online fashion store.   Thanks Sandy for a fabulous tour.  Checkout

Based in Cooma, 100ks south of Canberra, Birdsnest employs over 80 staff, mostly locals, and ship across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia.

The office and warehouse have expanded to take over several spaces in Cooma’s main street, including the location of the local IGA supermarket after it closed.

Check out the photos below.  Next stop, Startup Camp in Merimbula.


The Birdsnet packing desks


Birdsnest’s back office


One of Birdsnest’s warehouses. Located in the old IGA supermaket in Cooma


The retail shop-front at Birdsnest Cooma


Birdsnest have their own photographic studio to take photos of new lines. In general, Birdsnest use their own staff as models, and do their own photography, makeup and styling.


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